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We too, as well as all of our notorious colleagues, must dedicate some lines to the GUARANTEES OFFERED by the LAW. We will try not to dwell excessively on the matter, as we think the guarantees offered by the law are not necessary when the CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is the PRIME WILL of a company. Having centred since ever our effort attempting to set with our customers a relationship of reciprocal confidence and estimation, we will mention, as purely informative title only, the regulations the law imposes us to let you know, leaving you the choice to go deep into the matter.
Anyway, we care to point out that WE fully trust in you and in your correctness: a RECIPROCAL CONFIDENTIAL relationship can only to be of use for both you and us.
So, for any problem, questions, enquiries or whatever, do not hesitate to contact us: we will be pleased to satisfy your questions and your needs as much as we can.

Renunciation right
As per D.L. 185/99, you can cancel the purchasing contract within ten (10) working days from the receipt of the goods without any motivation and penalties. To exercise this right, you must send us, within ten (10) working days, a registered letter stating your intention to exercise the renunciation right and specifying the product you want to replace.
This law provides also that the return of the product occurs with the packing in good conditions, at your charge, by secured parcel, free to our door.
We prefer you open and taste our products: if something doesn't satisfy you, please contact us before to send back the product.

Procedure for the exercise of the renunciation right
In case you have purchased something by our web site and want to cancel the purchasing contract you have to follow this simple procedure:
  1. Send to GI.EFFE.TI SNC, within ten (10) working days from the receipt of the goods, a registered letter
  2. Anticipate the communication via Email to with reference "GI.EFFE.TI Customer Care" of the site or calling the number +39 0522 881033. Within the next working day from your communication we will send you, to the Email address you have indicated on the purchasing form at the moment of the order, the Number of Authorization for the Return (NAR) that will identify your dossier.
  3. Provide, using a courier of your choice, to deliver the goods carefully packed with its original packing and complete of every accessory and everything originally contained in it.
  4. Insure the goods against theft and any transportation damage, and pay all the charges to our door. In case the returned goods have not been insured for the amount of the invoice and a damage or loss occurs to our goods during the transportation, GI.EFFE.TI will be titled to debit the cost for the damage occurred deducting it from the amount refunded.
  5. Mark the package with the Number of Authorization for the Return (NAR) GI.EFFE.TI assigned you and send the goods to the address hereunder indicated within two (2) working days from the receipt of the NAR.

Via Sacco e Vanzetti, 4
42021 Ghiardo di Bibbiano (RE) Italy

GI.EFFE.TI will provide to refund, by bank transfer, the cost of the goods refunded, including the starting delivery charges, within fourteen (14) working days from the date you deliver the goods, but anyway not before the receipt of the goods.
We request you indicate your bank details on the registered letter you must send us within ten (10) working days from the receipt of goods (as per point n° 1.)

The data we ask you to indicate on the order form are only and exclusively used in respect of the Law 675 dated December 31, 1996 and its next modifications. Therefore, the data allow us to issue the transportation documents, as well as to inform the courier in order to address you the goods. Furthermore, the data will be used in order to let you informed of initiatives, promotions or the launching of new products of our company.

Via Sacco e Vanzetti, 4
42021 Ghiardo di Bibbiano (RE) Italy
Tel. +39 0522 881033
P. IVA 01402610354
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