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Our business consists of gastronomic products selectors and our aim is to propose the consumer high quality and incomparable properties products. We use our knowledge to activate and amplify the five senses, the taste and the smell overall.
The constructive relationship with our customers, focused to improve each other on the matter of better eating & drinking, is always on the table.
Further to explain our knowledge and our ideas regarding the products we propose and their utilization, we will dwell on the way we interpret the approach to the table.
Our co-operation with restaurants and holiday farms, allows us to propose foods and wines with the spirit of whom wants to enjoy, in this occasions, the tasting of new specialities in a pleasant atmosphere. Our background consists of hand-making of Italian salted meats and now we dedicate our expertise to food specialities.

Our meaning of quality is: "Quality to be compared". Because we think only comparing and using your palate you'll become unquestioned judges of our product's selection.
Our ideas, our meaning of business set against whom slowly is driving our business to a commercial-spot standardization, to a flavour's degrade, to the illusion of good quality for ridiculously low prices.
Our offers, our products have the genuineness, typicality and traditionally-made guarantee. The care for packaging, the quality of products, allows us to satisfy the pleasure and to entice the finest palates all-seasons long.
The gastronomic universe, the meeting round a laid table contains story, culture and social. A world of traditions and ideas always in confrontation.
As paladins of this philosophy we people from Emilia consider ourselves nowadays "lovers of fine foods".

Gian Luigi Trascinelli


Via Sacco e Vanzetti, 4
42021 Ghiardo di Bibbiano (RE) Italy
Tel. +39 0522 881033
P. IVA 01402610354
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