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TS-CDA-12 CULATELLO DELL'AMOROTTO kg. 3,5 - 4 vacuum packed 1 170.00 (0) **AGGIUNGI_CARRELLO_NO
TS-CDA-13 CULATELLO DELL'AMOROTTO - Stag. 14 mesi kg. 4 - 4,5 vacuum packed 1 200.00 (1) **AGGIUNGI_CARRELLO
TS-CDA-10 CULATELLO DELL'AMOROTTO 12 mesi dimezzato Kg. 2,0 ca. al pezzo 1 99.00 (0) **AGGIUNGI_CARRELLO_NO

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The Master of the Ceremony beats three times the gold-knobbed stick and solemnly announce:  
“Sirs, the illustrious majesty... Culatello. The King of cured meats”
This is the only way to announce the noblest part of pig leg: “Culatello”, because Culatello has got the fame of having the most fine and exclusive taste.
This very precious product is made using boned pig leg, and pigs are traditionally breed.
To obtain Culatello it is used only the most precious and tender meat of the leg, that is shaped by a temporary binding.
Manually salted, with no addition of spices, the meat is introduced into a pig bladder and then is definitively bound, strictly by hand. This binding gives Culatello the classical pear-shape.
To obtain a high quality Culatello the processing requires great experience and proved capacity, but the most decisive element is surely THE SEASONING.
The seasoning, the environment into which it develops, give Culatello unspeakable perfumes and that unique taste.
The very humid cellar is the essential element to maintain the product soft and to allow a long, slow maturation. The seasoning of one year minimum brings Culatello to a weight varying between 3.5 and 4.5 kilograms.
This is the weight a traditional Culatello is considered…..of great value.

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