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TS-FDA-11 FIOCCO DELL'ARDUINO CON COTENNA - stag. 12 mesi kg. 1,100/ 1,300 ca. vacuum packed 1 25.00 (0) **AGGIUNGI_CARRELLO_NO
SS-FDV-2 FIOCCO DELL'ARDUINO TRADIZIONALE (in vescica) stag. 6 mesi - dimezzato kg. 1 ca. al pezzo 1 23.00 (1) **AGGIUNGI_CARRELLO

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Almost at the top of the hierarchical scale of noble cured meats, Fiocco is produced using the meat of the pig leg, that after being boned is divided in its two fundamental parts: Fiocco and Culatello.
Our Fiocco is produced in the hills above Parma, very close to the village of Langhirano, using Italian selected meats, locally slaughtered. Fiocco, after being salted adding a little percentage of spices, is introduced into a pig bladder and finally is bound.
Besides the traditional Fiocco exists another kind of Fiocco called “with pigskin”. This kind differs from the traditional one because externally looks raw, without bladder but with one side covered by pigskin and the other side covered by pig fat called “sugna”. Sugna will maintain the product constantly soft. The typical shape of Fiocco is “mandolin” like and inside the colour is bright red with a white, external vein of fat.
Weight varies from 1.5 to 2.5 kilograms; the seasoning is around 6 months.

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