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TS-SF-07 SALAME ARTIGIANALE di FELINO kg. 0,700 -0,900 ca. vacuum packed 1 18.00 (0) **AGGIUNGI_CARRELLO_NO

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Salami Felino is produced from over two centuries and his fame, obtained thanks to its agreeable characteristics of freshness, sweetness and balance, still keeps exalting the finest palates. Hand-made close to the village of Felino, on the hills above Parma, where the climate favours the seasoning of valuable products, this salami has great particularities and unique fragrance.
The limited production means care of particulars and our selection is the result of great experience in this business.
The cuts of lean pork, bought locally, are carefully selected to produce the “Felino”. The meat, medium grinded, is mixed with salt, pepper and garlic (garlic is previously melted into aromatic dry white wine). To make Salami into sausages it is traditionally used gut, which gives the product a cylindrical, thin, lengthened shape.
Every Salami, bound using plaited natural string, is different to others.
The colour brightness and the delicacy vary depending to the seasoning ,that usually is around 60 days.

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