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TS-CR-05 COPPA "ROSSENA" kg. 0,750 - 0,900 vacuum packed 1 15.00 (2) **AGGIUNGI_CARRELLO
TS-CR-06 COPPA "ROSSENA" ALTA SALUMERIA 10 mesi kg. 0,950/ 1,150 vacuum packed 1 22.00 (0) **AGGIUNGI_CARRELLO_NO
SS-CBP-07 COPPA DELLA BASSA PARMENSE ( ardenga ) kg. 1,7 ca. al pezzo 1 45.00 (0) **AGGIUNGI_CARRELLO_NO

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We have found, in some consumers, a kind of disaffection for this product, due to the difficulty to find on the market high quality products.
The main reason (other than the quality of the meat) is represented from the seasoning.
This important production phase weighs heavily both on price and on quality, and for Coppa the incidence is stronger than for other cured meats.
Coppa available on the market is always sold too “young”, in order to assure more affordable prices. This way, Coppa with characteristics of typicality and long seasoned has become a product of niche.
Coppa “Rossena” is produced using the cervical muscles from the neck of the pig, and is made into sausages using “sugna”, a tissue found between the ribs which guarantees an extraordinary softness.
The taste, the characteristic perfume of our Coppa, produced around Piacenza, is particularly delicate and is not found in any of the Coppa produced in other regions.
After salting, our Coppa is seasoned for not less than 6 months and the weight is around 2 kg.

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