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TS-BN-01 PROSCIUTTO CRUDO "IL BIANELLO" 24 mesi - Intero Disossato kg. 7,5 - 8,5 vacuum packed 1 130.00 (1) **AGGIUNGI_CARRELLO
TS-BN-02 PROSCIUTTO CRUDO "BIANELLO" Stag. 18 mesi - Dimezzato kg. 3,8 - 4,2 vacuum packed 1 55.00 (0) **AGGIUNGI_CARRELLO_NO
TS-BN-03 PROSCIUTTO CRUDO "BIANELLO" 24 mesi - Trancio kg. 2,0 - 2,5 ca. vacuum packed 1 40.00 (0) **AGGIUNGI_CARRELLO_NO
TS-BN-04 PROSCIUTTO CRUDO "IL BIANELLO" 24 MESI - Trancio kg. 2,3 - 2,8 ca. al pezzo 1 49.00 (1) **AGGIUNGI_CARRELLO

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What is Bianello?
Bianello is a trademark we have created to mark the ham we have selected from local producers. Bianello is an important name of Bibbiano’s story which identifies the typicality of a product unique, with incomparable peculiarities. Bianello ham comes from the hilly lands once belonged to the dukedom of “Matilde di Canossa” and its main characteristic is the intense, sweet taste. Appetiser, main course, snack, the ham is the “fast food” of the most genuine Italian tradition. A proper definition for a product that is the less manipulate of all foods and that combines centuries of experience in the art of salting and seasoning to the most advanced technologies.
Bianello ham is seasoned for 12 months minimum, more depending to the weight and the characteristics of the ham.
In this lands nothing is left to casualty and every element affects the typicality of the product.

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