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TS-PRPR-01 PROSCIUTTO CRUDO PARMA - Intero Disossato 30 mesi kg. 8,3 - 8,8 vacuum packed 1 180.00 (1) **AGGIUNGI_CARRELLO
TS-PRPR-02 PROSCIUTTO CRUDO PARMA 27 MESI - Dimezzato kg. 3,7 ca. vacuum packed 1 78.00 (1) **AGGIUNGI_CARRELLO

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The area of production of Parma ham is found in the hills of the province of Parma, up to an altitude of 900 metres above the sea level, between the rivers Enza at east and Stirone at west.
There are over 200 producers associated to the consortium of Parma ham.
Every producer has his own characteristics and we have chosen who could guarantee the genuineness of row products, great expertise, caring of traditional methods and particular characteristics of climate and environment. We think we have found it in the hills above the village of Langhirano, at 600 metres of altitude. This farm beneath of healthy air currents coming from the Liguria and passing through the thick forests of the Apennines, giving the ham all of the typical characteristics of this territory.
The technology of the first part of the processing and the natural seasoning make this product constant in quality and suitable to very long seasoning.

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