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In Europe, starting from the middle of the XVII century, Venice merchants first appreciated the coffee and his effects.
The coffee plant is not very high with smooth ever-green leaves. The flowers are white and perfumed and the red fruits grow to bunches and are picked after complete maturation.
The numerous blends on the market are usually named after the state of production.
One of the most precious blend is “moka”, cultivated in Yemen, Cuba, Haiti, Portorique, the Antilles, and Brasil leading the production of this blend.
While roasting, the coffee grain (under a 240° heater) loose about 20% of its weight, increase the volume and darken.
In Italy the roasting is very strong and coffee results very aromatic and with less caffeine, starting from the precious Arabica blend.
From the nutrition side, coffee contains some substances causing healthy effects to our organism, obviously it is necessary do not abuse of it.
To demonstrate the multiple reactions that coffee cause to human organism, a cup of coffee containing about 5 centigrams of caffeine produce, thanks to its excitant action, the following effects, lasting 1 to 2 hours:
- mental faculties awakening,
- keeps away drowsiness, boredom, tiredness (psychical also),
- facilitate the perception of sensorial stimuli,
- reduce headaches.
All this without forgetting the poor caloric contribute.
The best way to preserve coffee is into pressured cans.

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